The world is round… the end may also be the beginning.

Ivy Baker Priest

Whether you are visiting because you're feeling anxious, depressed or you are simply going through challenging life circumstances, working with a therapist who is expert in Cognitive-Behavioral treatment can be the first step toward improved health, well-being and a return to your best self. As a Licensed Psychologist with more than 25 years experience, I am throughly trained in some of the most effective treatments available today including DBT, Behavioral Activation (BA), and other CBT evidenced-based treatments formulated to deal with many common mental health concerns.  Sometimes these specialized treatments aren't necessary and simply having the opportunity to talk with an experienced and compassionate professional to help guide and support you through significant life decisions and changes is what's needed.  In either case, I invite you to explore further whether this undertaking is a means to enhance your life and your relationships with the people most important to you.