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Do my needs fit with Dr. Herman-Dunn’s services?

I work with adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds as well as couples and adult family members seeking to overcome obstacles and improve day-to-day life.   As a CBT therapist I am trained and have expertise in many of the evidenced-based treatments deemed most effective for specific problems.  As warranted, I also draw from other orientations including interpersonal, attachment and constructivist.  My specialized training and experience in these specific problems include:


      ~Depression, distress, dissatisfaction, bipolar concerns

      ~Anxiety, fear, panic, unrelenting stress, problematic avoidance

      ~Insomnia, difficulty falling or staying asleep

      ~Lifestyle Behavior changes

      ~Transitions: parenthood, work, relationships, geographic moves

      ~Grief related to death and dying, lost relationship(s), divorce

      ~Interpersonal concerns, whether intimate, work, family or friends

      ~Self-worth and self-esteem concerns

      ~Childhood concerns; abuse, addictions or other adverse conditions

      ~ Employment concerns

      ~ Aging and age-related concerns


If you are uncertain whether my services match your needs, feel free to contact me to discuss whether we're a good fit to work with one another.

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